Different Jewelry Clasps

There are many different types of clasps you can use when custom making your jewelry. Some are generic in nature and can be used in any project while others are best for specific objectives. Clasps may be made from a variety of metals or other materials, and coordinating your clasp to your piece is part of the experience of planning a project. Here are a number of clasps that are commonly available.

Add a Bead This clasp is designed to be used with chain, but it isnt mandatory to do so. With a low profile, this clasp allows large bored beads to slide back and forth over the clasp. For a smooth, seamless appearance, this is a great choice.

Ball and Joint Clasps By using pressure to keep the clasp closed, a ball and joint clasp creates an easy to open and close connector. While it wont support a heavy piece of jewelry, it is ideal for something light.

Bar and Ring One of the more popular and contemporary clasps, the bar and ring comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Often used for lariat style necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets, the bar must be large enough to stay solidly in the ring, but small enough to slide through if the proportions are off, there is a risk of losing the piece, so try fiddling with your clasp before applying it.

Crimping Clasps Available as an extension of several other clasp types, such as lobster or jump ring, these clasps have the crimping feature attached. This allows you to connect the clasp and end of a necklace all at once.

Fishhook Clasps Often seen with strands of pearls, fishhook clasps are a small fish hook shaped hook which is inserted into an oval box. The hook will keep the clasp from separating completely if it comes undone.

Lobster Claw Clasp As the name implies the clasp is shaped like a lobster clasp and is self closing. Fairly easy to manipulate, this clasp is available in a range of sizes from tiny to huge.

Magnetic Clasps Made in many shapes, magnetic clasps offer individuals with mobility issues an easy live way to open and close their jewelry. Magnetic Chrome Hearts Shoes clasps employ super strong magnets to make the link, but because they are not truly closed, there is a risk of them coming undone with a tug.

Snap Lock Also knows as fold over clasps, these little darlings are often decorative and appropriate for really special jewelry. Low profile and secure, they snap closed tightly. Their low profile makes them ideal for bracelets.

Spring Ring Perhaps the most common of , the spring ring is a small, self-closing clasp. It can be found in larger sizes as well as multi-strand styles.

Swivel Clasp This is a modified lobster clasp which can turn upon its axis. This prevents the jewelry from tangling no matter how much it moves.

Tab Clasps Insert the tab into the slot on the other half of the clasp and the weight of the item will keep it closed. Recommended primarily for necklaces, these clasps come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These are just a few of the many types of clasp you can find to complete your jewelry design project. In fact, the clasp is just as important as any other aspect in your piece. Take time to pick the ideal clasp and it will enhance your final outcome.

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