Designing A Charm Bracelet For A Teen Or Child

The charm bracelet is the hottest jewelry trend in the past several years. The newest style of charm bracelets use beads and charms that slide onto the bracelet. Previously, charms were attached to bracelets using links. The slide style is the perfect way to begin a new bracelet for a child or teen.

Start by choosing a bracelet style. They come in various sizes, so check the wrist size of the recipient and add 1 ?inches to it. Then, you can choose one or more charms and beads to add to the bracelet. Opt for a couple of different types to get the bracelet started. You can also choose to add a spacer. A spacer is simply a small silver bead that helps keep the larger items apart from one another.

Keep in mind that the entire bracelet need not be filled up. Part of the fun of having a charm bracelet, particularly for a teen or child, is the joy of finding and adding new beads and charms to it. The charms can be added for special occasions, such as for a birthday, graduation, or holiday. The charms come to symbolize the important Chrome Hearts Online Shop events in a girl life, making the bracelet more than simply jewelry. It now becomes a piece of living history.

One of the best ways to begin the charm bracelet jewelry is to give your child or teen the main bracelet, along with one or two starter charms. Later, you can continue the tradition by giving a new charm for each birthday, holiday or special occasion in the girl life.

Giving a charm bracelet is an ideal way to give a thoughtful gift. The bracelet is a gift that will last a lifetime. It fun for yandex the girl to collect the beads and charms that she enjoys most. The items allow her to express her unique personality through her jewelry. As a girl gets older, she can replace charms and add them as she likes. She can also transfer the charms to a larger sized bracelet as she grows.

When you present the charm bracelet to the girl, she will know that you have put a lot of thought into the gift. Be sure to include a cloth pouch where the jewelry can be stored. These pieces of jewelry are meant to be worn and appreciated so others can see the unique personality of the wearer.


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