Diamond Tennis Bracelets Are Hot

If you think diamond tennis bracelets are hot, do consider owning one. Have you ever wondered why these bracelets are called tennis bracelets? The story is quite interesting; Chris Evert was playing tennis one day when the diamond bracelet she was wearing fell off her hand. After the match, she inquired the game officials and requested them to suspend the mach until she found her bracelet. From that day onwards, these line diamond bracelets got the name tennis bracelets. These bracelets are widely popular and are admired by most people. The best thing about diamond tennis bracelets is that they are adjustable unlike bangle bracelets that come in a set size. It is simple to adjust diamond tennis bracelets; just add or remove the links.

Many people think diamond tennis bracelets because of the way the diamond can be incorporated to form unique designs. The setting of diamonds can msn be channel, prong or bezel. The most popular of these diamond tennis bracelets are the prong setting ones in which small prongs are bent over the girdle of your diamond which makes these the strongest as each stone is protected by the prong. When small stones are set in a metal channel, they are called channel diamond tennis bracelets. Bezel setting is when the diamond is completely surrounded by the metal.

When you are shopping for diamond tennis bracelets, Chrome Hearts iPhone Accessories choose a bracelet with the best diamonds. You can decide amongst the size of diamonds within the total carat size of the diamond. You can have larger diamonds that are more visible or the smaller ones that will be more in number and can look elegant when jutted together in beautiful settings. You can even have a mix of both. When you are getting larger diamonds in your tennis bracelets, make sure they are of good grade as any flaws will be easily seen because of the size. With smaller diamonds, you can get away with better to good grade diamonds. A diamond tennis bracelet is a piece that every woman must have to complete her jewelry collection.

Diamond tennis bracelets usually come in 7 inch lengths and are suitable to be worn everywhere. They add a classy dimension to your personality. The price ranges for these exotic pieces of jewelry start from a several hundred dollars and can go up to several thousands, depending on what you buy and from where you buy. Diamond tennis bracelets are timeless and you can be assured that your purchase will not go to waste as you can wear it anywhere without the fear of it losing its shine. Diamond tennis bracelets can be the perfect present for a woman; be it her birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement present, Valentines Day it represents love and affection at all occasions.


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