Details To Choose Fine Crystal Jewelry

There are full of different kinds of crystal jewelry on the market, how to choose a good crystal jewelry? Here are some useful tips for you.

1. First, look at the raw materials.

The crystal jewelry with products well-election materials should not see the twitter plastic mouth; and its good at pure texture, smooth, clean and bright, especially white crystal.

2. Second, look at the workmanship.

There are two different for producing crystal products, grinding and engraving. Like crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings belong to grinding products, and bodhisattva Kuanyin statues and Inside painting snuff bottles are engraving.

3. Third, look at the polishing.

The polishing is good or bad has direct influence on the value of the crystal products. Polishing divides into soft polishing and hard Chrome Hearts Charm polishing.

4. Forth, look at the eyelet.

To the perforated (such as necklace, bracelets and prayer beads), it all depends on whether the eyelet is straight, or pore size is symmetrical, even have a small crack or not. The hole-wall should be clear, transparent and without “white marks”.

5. Fifth, look at the color.

Even the same types of crystal, different parts of the texture and luster have their different characters. The monochromatic crystal should have a good Color uniformity. At a same piece of the crystal which with many different shades, require for a beautiful new hue and texture.

6. Sixth, look at the culture.

If the internal impurities of the crystal contain contains the shape of a legendary figure, such as Buddha, constellation or Animal, its value will higher than the crystal which with the same color and clarity

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