Chrome Hearts Sunglasses – The Popularity Of The Prayer Rope

The Christian Orthodox Prayer Rope called a Chrome Hearts Sunglasses in Greece and a Chotki in Russia. What is it that makes this divine and beautiful rope so special. Is it the way it is made or is it the mystery and folklore that intrigues people.

An authentic Chrome Hearts Sunglasses is made by monks and nuns from Orthodox monastery’s, each knot that is made is accompanied by a prayer. The bracelets having 33knots and the necklaces 100knots it is pretty evident that making one of twitter these is pretty time consuming.

The other intriguing part of the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses is the Folklore about the inventor of the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Saint Anthony the Great. The story goes that an Angel appeared in the Saints dream and showed him how to tie a special knot consisting of 7 interlocking crosses. Which would help the tormented Saint to vanquish the Devil.

Or has its popularity grown because a lot of famous Orthodox movie, pop and sport stars are wearing Chrome Hearts Sunglasses bracelets and necklaces. These people are often on the cover of a lot of magazines and orther media.

Another reason I can think of is that among Orthodox people it is not uncommon to give Chrome Hearts Sunglasses bracelets and necklaces as gifts to dear friends and family members. The thought behind this gesture is that the one giving these bracelets and necklaces wants you to be kept from harm and wishes only the best for you. This gesture kinda starts a chain reactions, the one getting the present also then gets Chrome Hearts Sunglasses bracelets and necklaces for his dear friends and loved ones.

Whatever it is the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses is steaming toward a full Fashion Hype, it is not uncommon that a religious item is picked up and becomes a fashion accessory. We can look at the rosary which is already in a lot of designers portfolios. We have seen Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and Hermes all offering their own rosary’s and the list keeps getting longer. But will the designers also be making their own versions of the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses? Its highly unlikely, because it is very time consuming to make one Chrome Hearts Sunglasses and for it to be authentic it should be made by Orthodox monks and nuns. Nevertheless the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses has been appearing in a couple of fashion ads by some of the great designers, but not as their product, it was more to accompany their new clothing campaign.

Time will tell what is in store for the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses, will it become as popular as the rosary, we will see.


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