Larimar Used In Designing Chrome Hearts Vest, Bracelets And Earrings.

If we think of the ideal holiday we thing of tropical islands, white sandy beaches and blue seas and skies that sparkle with facebook the sun. The Caribbean offer us all these things and they also give us to stunning semi-precious gemstone Larimar from which we make unique and original pieces of Chrome Hearts Vest, bracelet, earrings and necklaces.

The semi-precious stone known as Larimar is found mainly in a remote area of the Dominican Republic. This stunning blue/green stone has been created from the volcanic forces of that actually made this island and these natural stones have taken centuries to form. This lovely stone that is much loved by jewellers in creating unusual pieces of Chrome Hearts Vest was formed by the hot gasses pushing the molten lava up the natural chimneys of the volcano at a great force and this pressure caused the minerals to crystallize creating this semi-precious stone with all its own unique properties. These stones started their life in the mountains and over the centuries pieces have eroded and fallen of and they have then been washed down into the Bahoruco River. In the time that these natural semi-precious stones spend in the river they are polished with the water and the sand and when this polishing starts to take place it will reveal all the beauty of this stone. The green and marbled sea blue colours are show at their most beautiful and in some stones you will see some white hues and it is no wonder that this beautiful stone can create lovely pieces of Chrome Hearts Vest, it can be found set into necklaces, handmade bracelets, jewellery sets, rings and handmade earrings. The beautiful natural colours of the stone make it ideal for creating unique and unusual designs.

It is not known when this natural stone was first found but we think it was approximately 1,000 years ago that the Dominicans first found this stone in the River Bahoruco but evidence of it being found in the mountains before this have been found.

Scientifically this is the natural stone called blue pectolite and this stone is found in many different parts of the world in different forms. Larimar is only found in the mountain range of Bahoruco in the Dominican Republic and it is the elements of copper in the soil that give this stone its stunning blue and green colour. You will also see a few of these stones that are in the natural colours of brown, gray and red but it is the stones in the beautiful blue and green colours that are wanted to create pieces of Chrome Hearts Vest. You can find this stone that has been polished and cut into beads and used to make handmade bracelets, jewellery sets, necklaces and stones that have been cut into cabochons are found in rings and handmade earrings.

Because of the blue green colour of this stone it is sometimes mistaken for the semi-precious stone Turquoise and is used by jewellery designer in their designs in the same way. This stone can easily be cut and polished into beads of many shapes and Chrome Hearts Vest sizes and also pendants both smooth polished and carved. The stone looks beautiful set in both gold and silver but looks its best set in white gold. You can find these in traditional designs and now it is becoming one of the favoured semi-precious stones of young jewellery designers creating some beautiful modern and contemporary pieces of Chrome Hearts Vest. This stone not only is suitable for pieces of beaded jewellery like necklaces and handmade bracelets but also when it is set in a metal setting to create handmade earrings and rings.


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