How To Clean Crystal Fashion Jewelry(2)

The care of crystal is called cleaning which is also called degaussing and purification. No matter you treat crystal fashion jewelry as accessory or want its magic function, only with proper cleaning after you bought it then it will present its effectiveness. That is because crystal fashion jewelry was Chrome Hearts Online Shop on lots of peoples hands before it get to you, therefor, it need to be cleaned to get rid of other peoples brain and health record. In order to void the effect of other peoples record, proper clean is very important. Following more simple ways to make it work

4: Buried in salt cleaning:

Buring the Chrome Hearts Sunglasses crystal into sea salt directly for about few hours will clean its around magnetic field.


(1) If the crystal fashion jewelry is made of inlaid in the metal accessories, such as rings, pendants, then you need to split away from Chrome Hearts Online Store the metal cyanide salt and buried it into the soaking, otherwise it will affect the metal surface color and brightness.

(2) Please pay attention that this cleaning method will lead to the Spar’s contents change after cleaning.

5: Snow buried method:

Let crystal fashion jewelry directly buried in the snow almost few hours, can pass the magnetic field around crystal fashion jewelry.

Note: if your crystal fashion jewelry is large, then it is inappropriate to use such cleaning methods, principally because if the crystal fashion jewelry after a period of time buried in the Chrome Hearts Eyewear snow removed Chrome Hearts Bracelet Chrome Hearts Clothing when the temperature difference between inside and outside buried by snow caused shrinkage thermal expansion, may get the bursting Chrome Hearts Hong Kong of the situation appears Chrome Hearts Earrings to spar.

6:Water refinement Chrome Hearts Glasses method:

You can rinse crystal fashion jewelry under the tap to spar about twenty minutes, to balance the negative energy spar.

Note: It is not worthy to use such variety of cleaning method if it is blue copper pyrites or other spar because these types of ore containing iron and copper content, can not be water.

7: Aroma refinement method:

Lit many incense or other aroma material indoor, then place crystal fashion jewelry in the room to Chrome Hearts Jackets accept smoked spar to void magnetic field.

Note: light aroma, be careful fire, Chrome Hearts Outlet and there are no flammable items such Cheap Chrome Hearts as note paper, rags, etc., placed in the vicinity of purification spar, so as to avoid fire.

Chrome Hearts 8: Druse purification method:

You are supposed to go to the storage to buy a piece of crystal of about four pounds or more druse, and then spar on the top of the energy emitted by druse to charge for the spar, while crystal fashion jewelry clear impurities, to the effect of the magnetic field spar digestion.


(1) This cleaning method can be a daily line of the spar, when they do not wear a spar into the druse spar, the spar can be maintained for the charge.

(2) can be purchased to purify the natural druse spar up to better results.

9: Natural Cleaning:

Just put the crystal fashion jewelry in the country as long as the land, so peaceful and harmonious nature, the voice of Wan Lai, to purify the spar of the magnetic field, this cleaning method also can increase the energy of the spar.

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